Marshmallow Friends

Welcome to the cute Marshmallow Friends Collection. Find some handmade accessories, phone charms, necklaces, keychains, jewelry, cards and stickers with marshmallows. The marshmallows are made from polymer clay. Choose the color you like: white, pink, blue, orange, yellow, green or colorful. These cute gift for girls, teens and women.

Marshmallow Art Shop

The Marshmallow Friends are for real friends and family. For people who like and love each other. And they are also for anxious personalities who need a little friend by their side. Just give a name to your marshmallow friend and be kind to it. Take the marshmallow with you every day and go with it on holidays. 

I put in much love and passion to make the Marshmallow Friends. These cute things are handmade. I make the marshmallow charms by hand from polymer clay (Fimo) and give each one a finish like phone charm, keychain or necklace. All digital designs for the the stickers and cards I create with Adobe Illustrator. The marshmallow cards are printed at home and cut out by hand.

The Marshmallow Friends are a super cute gift for girls, teens and women, your friends and family. They are charming and everyone will love them.

Sissi and Friends