Orange Marshmallow Gift Set


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🎁 Autumn Marshmallow Gift Set (Geschenkset) 🎀 | Phone Charm (Handy-Anhänger) | Sticker | Postcards


Products are handmade by Sissi and Friends.

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🍁Autumn (Herbst) Marshmallow Gift Set for girls, teens, women, friends and family 🍂

Autumn Gift Set | Fall Gift Basket with Phone Charm | Cute Orange Marshmallow Phone Charm


Hi friend, I make theses small marshmallow charms by hand with much joy and love. These small charms should sweeten your day and put a smile on your face. They are made from polymer clay and have a matte lacquer for protection.

Set contents:
• ONE Orange Marshmallow Phone Charm
• ONE Orange Marshmallow Shaped Card
• ONE Marshmallow Sticker

Charm features:
✔️ Material: Polymer clay, baked and with a matte lacquer
✔️ Charm (einzelnes Marshmallow) size itself – size 1,1 x 1,4 x 1,2 cm / 0,4 x 0,5 x 0,4 in
✔️ Phone Charm (Handy-Anhänger) made of metal and polyester – size (without charm) 7,5 cm / 3 in
✔️ Every Marshmallow order will be packaged in a small kraft paper box with tissue paper and air cushion foil (see in the pictures). There is a sticker on the top with the color of the Marshmallow charm and details about the charm on the back. This cute little box can be used as a gift already. But if you wish a specific gift wrapping, please send me a message.
✔️ Handmade item: The delivered product may be slightly different in color and shape from the photos because it is a handmade product and the screen settings are different.
❌ This product is not a toy. This product is for animals and children under 8 years old. The handmade item may be broken if handled roughly.

Card features:
✔️ Marshmallow shaped card
✔️ Premium quality paper with a thickness of 300 g / m²
✔️ Front side: Colorful orange marshmallow print with matte surface.
✔️ Back side: Back is white and can be well written
✔️ Alignment: vertical
✔️ Size approx. 12,5 x 10,5 cm (A6) / 4.92 x 4.13 in – hand cut, so the dimensions may vary slightly
✔️ Handmade card: I have designed, printed and cut the card myself
✔️ Each card comes in a kraft paper envelope with a marshmallow stamp on it. If you wish something else, please write me. For delivery they get packed in kraft paper materials as you can see in the product photos.

Sticker features:
✔️ Material: Matte waterproof vinyl sticker
✔️ Size: 5,1 x 2,8 cm / 2 x 1,1 in
✔️ Sticker will packed together in a biodegradable corn starch bag with a small carton. These are packed with the card in a kraft paper envelope with a marshmallow stamp on it. Please write me, if you want me to change something.
These stickers are unfortunately somewhat difficult to remove from the adhesive paper.

🎨 Please note, the colors of these products may slightly differ in reality from the colors on the screen.

❤️ Thank you
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© Sissi and Friends

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