Animal Friend

Animal Friend

With our project Animal Friend we support cats, dogs and other animals.

With the sale of selected products at Sissi and Friends, 50% of the profit goes to non-profit animal charities such as animal shelters, animal rescues and more.

animal charity for cats and dog in animal shelter

We love animals and they are our greatest inspiration for new sticker creations. For the project Animal Friend we have designed certain animal stickers.

From the sale of these stickers we donate 50% of the profit to animal help. Thus, every customer also becomes a supporter for cats, dogs, rabbits and many other animals.
Each donation animal sticker comes with a cute handmade info card in postcard size (A6).

We chose outdoor Vinly stickers so that the stickers will stick to water bottles and be waterproof.
If you prefer indoor paper stickers that are biodegradable, send us a 💬 message

Where do the donations go?

And when are donations made?

The donations will go to a selected animal shelter in Hungary by the end of the year 2023. This shelter takes in dogs and cats, cares for them and places them in new homes. We would like to support this non-profit organization with the donation (50% of the profit of the sales of the charity stickers). We thank all our customers as they support the shelter with their purchase. 

Donation was made in the end of the year 2023. 

We are also planning to send donations to the animal shelter in hungary in the end of 2024. For this we hope to sell our animal charity products.

Animal Shelter in Hungary (Europe)

Assisi Szent Ferenc Állatmenhely Alapítvány

Tierheim_Pet_Shelter_Hungary_Tapolca (6)

The chosen shelter for 2023 is in Hungary, Tapolca (8300). We from Sissi and Friends have visited the shelter there. It is a very large and well-kept facility where many dogs and cats live and wait for a new home. 

The shelter is financed by donations. Every day the animal-loving and caring director and her helper take care of the well-being of the animals, their health, a very clean shelter and the placement of the dogs and cats. A veterinarian takes care of surgical procedures such as castrations and other veterinary treatments.

Spoken languages: Hungarian, German, English


Assisi Szent Ferenc Állatmenhely Alapítvány
Tapolca 8300, Sebron 0626/44 hrsz, Sebron 

Visit the Facebook page of the shelter 

animal shelter charity products
Tierheim_Petshelter_Hungary_Tapolca_Dog_Cat (2)
Tierheim_Petshelter_Hungary_Tapolca_Dog_Cat (4)